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Today, nearly every part of our world can be reduced to a number. Data is everywhere; everything is a source of data just waiting to be processed and analysed. Documents, text, images, speech, sensors, music, movements of people and vehicles, it all can be turned into a data source. But data is just data when you leave it like that. What about bringing all data to life? 

With all technologies available nowadays we can process, analyse and display all data streams available. You have entered our world of data! We help you grow your business by providing access to greater insights. Advanced AI and Deep Learning are next-level data for your business. At Planet PFM everything is data, ready to be used! 

We can collect and analyse whatever data our clients desire, which will result in a healthier, cheaper, more connected and, ultimately, better world, or better yet, a better Planet! Welcome to Planet PFM.  

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Data contains the solution, but can you connect the dots? We combine data and insights to find the next level of correlation or any specific business relation. 


Nobody could have imagined that COVID-19 would be the greatest disruptive event for virtually all sectors in our modern economy. But like us humans do, we evolve, adapt, redesign and improve the way we live, work and socially interact. Meeting people on a business level traditionally involves large office buildings or event venues. By building a mobile experience center we are able to come to you! We have created our world of data and retail analytics - Planet PFM - in which we can demonstrate our products and services in the most innovative way.  

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Reliable data is of great importance for a well-founded business case. Estimating profitability is usually accompanied by a lot of entrepreneurial feeling. Data offers the solution. At PFM we centralize your research question. It is not the technology that determines the content, but the knowledge of PFM that provides the solution and adjusts the technology accordingly. We are increasingly combining different data sources for our clients in order to achieve even better insights. Insights that contribute to overall business performance improvements. We are happy to show you what we can do for your business. Book your demo today and we will bring our world of data and retail analytics to you.    

"Data beats emotions"

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Data, insights, AI technology right in front of your office building. Book your demo now and we will visit you with our unique experience center. Claim your demo here.


We are about to launch Planet PFM. If you want to attend one of our 'TRUCK reveal days', keep an eye on this page, we will soon share the dates! 

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