We Specialise in People Counting & Related Data Sience

Our world of data

It all starts with people counting! Enhancing the shopping experience begins by understanding how many shoppers come in your store. So whether you own a small retail store or manage a large shopping centre, if you want to make effective business decisions, accurate and high-quality footfall data is what you need. And that is just the beginning at PFM. 


Collecting and analysing footfall data is our core business. With our products we do not only deliver consistent accurate data, we are increasingly combining different data sources. By doing so we offer our clients even better insights that contribute to overall business performance improvements.

But why stop there? We would like to invite you to our world of data and retail analytics; our Planet PFM. We would like to show you, in real-time and at your doorstep, what data insights can do for your business. 

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Enter a new world of Insights

Where 25 years ago we were selling simple customer counters, today we have entered a new era. PFM, is at the frontline of measuring your objectives, in the most innovative way. 

We count in


Over 35.000 shops

Over 30 transport hubs  

450 shopping centres

More than 600 streets


In order to connect with our target groups in the best possible way, we attend various events throughout the year where we present today's innovations in our experience centre. If you would like to know where we are or if you would like to drop by, you can visit our events page via the link below. 

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Find out how retail analytics can help you

Are you curious about how visitors move through your objective, which places are visited most, how many visitors have passed at the end of the day, how many visitors bought something, where the visitors stay longest or how you can best manage the location occupancy. There are countless possibilities for measurement and specific visitor behaviours that bring your goal to the next level and make it ready for the world of tomorrow.

Learn to apply today's innovations

We foresee a rapidly changing landscape that will be shaped mainly by new insights. Let us help you by educating you on how to recognise, understand and apply today's opportunities and innovations. We educate & point out the numerous possibilities, so you can make the best choice for the future with the tools and resources we offer!

"Once you got the knowledge..."

By taking you into our knowledge centre where we connect the world of data and its innovations of today with the limitless possibilities for your goals. We hope to help you understand how to make custom locations, more fun, more attractive, more profitable but also safer, by translating quantitative and qualitative movements into visual insights.


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