Thursday 2 December 10:00 - 10:30



Manage your venue via sensors & insights based on people flow!

The world is rapidly changing. Shopping centres are increasingly important when it comes to shopping, convenience and leisure. Optimising your venue and exceeding your visitor's expectations is more difficult, but not impossible! At MAPIC we would like to present how we envision your technology and data-driven venue for space optimisation.

Connect the dots..

Understanding customer behaviour is more important than ever before. Our core expertise is measuring people flow. Whether they drive-thru, walk in and out, or interact; we can quantify all movements. 

Mixing in data and connecting various systems often lead to new insights. At PFM we specialize in shopping centre dashboarding which unlock great potential.

During the three days (Tuesday 30 November 2021 - Thursday 2 December 2021) in Cannes, We will work with you:

how to connect various systems and build 1 data lake principle

* how to save 45% marketing spends while increase the average (online) awareness with 50%

* how to gain data traction within your organization top-down (from C-level to tenant)

* How to become data agile & technology flexible

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