14 October 2021

The PFM group will officially launch their retail analytics center on wheels!

The PFM Data Experience Center

Launch of the PFM Roadshow

After years of preparation, and more than 18 months of construction, the time has finally come... The launch of the PFM experience centre on wheels.... The most innovative DATA & Retail Analytics roadshow on this planet!

"Despite all the well-intentioned advice, I chose to follow my entrepreneurial gut feeling and went all-inn on this experience center on wheels".  A 20 foot hi-tech data & retail analytics centre in which we can present the world of People flow analysis on your doorstep.

Connecting the dots

During a marketing brainstorm, the idea arose to "immerse" our business contacts and customers in a PFM total experience. Within our industry digitalization and big-data questions are daily topics. We are constantly mixing in data and technology to find the next level of insight. Presenting and demonstrating our capabilities live at your doorstep sets us apart from any other!

Driving the future

Our plan is to move full speed ahead into the future. Literally. Our future in which we will take you through our limitless possibilities to improve your business insights. Our innovations are helping us to better understand how to make shops, shopping centres, stations or airports, more fun, more attractive but certainly also safer, by translating movements on both a quantitively and qualitative level, into insight.

You're insight, our innovation

We foresee a rapidly changing landscape which will be formed mostly due to new insights. A data education centre with which we can highlight & explain all our core competencies even better so that with the tools and resources we offer, you will make the best choice for the future! 

Are you curious about what we can do for you in the field of measuring data? Then don't hesitate any longer and ask for a demonstration right at your doorstep, and discover what we can contribute to your business. 

Event location

On 14 October 2021 at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam, we will unveil the PFM experience centre! On this Thursday everyone, everywhere in the world, can witness our story. Sign up NOW via this page and I would love to see you then!  


Participation Opportunities



      11:15 - 12:15

      •  We invite you to participate during our online presentation. If you would like to learn more about what out DATA experience center could mean for your business; register via this link! 

      Physical Attendance

      13:00 - 15:00

      • For all the fans & followers of the building process we have a a time slot available for physical attendance. Limited tickets available!